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The smartphone has long supplanted many everyday utensils. At work, it replaces the notebook, the daily planner and – ever more frequently – the PC. Now, for quality assurance and field inspections, a smartphone coupled with the PHASCOPE® PAINT also serves as a complete measuring gauge.

The PHASCOPE® PAINT is Fischer's latest mobile measuring system. This handy device is designed for quick and easy measurement of coating thickness. It uses the phase-sensitive eddy current method to test thick, insulating layers such as paints and anodized coatings on all common metals – whether ferrous or non-ferrous. The instrument automatically detects what type the substrate is and selects the appropriate mode.

A special feature of the system is the corresponding app for Android and iOS smartphones, which are connected with the device via Bluetooth. In the app, various measurement tasks can be saved along with their tolerance limits. Then, while measuring, if a reading is outside those defined limits, an LED on the gauge lights up. This is especially practical for inspecting large areas. And for this purpose, the PHASCOPE PAINT also has a ‘continuous’ mode: as the probe is slid across a surface, it automatically takes up to 70 readings per minute. With the illuminating LEDs, defects in the coating can be detected immediately.

The PHASCOPE PAINT is designed for ease of use. Therefore, the app guides the user step-by-step through the calibration process before measuring. This makes it possible to avoid errors and exclude any outside influences on the measurement results.

Analysis of the data also takes place in the app: it is no longer necessary to download the readings to a computer for that. The app automatically calculates the mean and standard deviation, and it produces a histogram depicting the results. At the test site, the user can even document possible damage areas by snapping photos with the smartphone and attaching them directly to the measurement report.

The versatile PHASCOPE PAINT is ideal for measuring insulating coatings between 0 and 2500µm thick – in applications ranging from automotive to corrosion protection. A special feature makes it easier to work with substrates made of various aluminum alloys: while their differing conductivities can influence the coating thickness measurements, the PHASCOPE PAINT has a conductivity compensation feature to ensure accurate measurement results. Its compact size and shape allow you to slip the gauge into any pocket, and its dust- and water-resistant (IP65) housing protects it for safe and reliable use even in harsh environment.

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