Next-generation microhardness testers with re-engineered measurement head

HM2000 / HM2000 S: Cost-effective professional nanoindentation measuring system
HM2000 / HM2000 S: Cost-effective professional nanoindentation measuring system
Most samples can be measured quickly and without special sample preparation
Most samples can be measured quickly and without special sample preparation

For accurately determining the mechanical properties of materials ranging from soft coatings to very hard ceramic layers, FISCHER offers the powerful HM2000 and HM2000 S microhardness testers. The re-engineered measurement head permits several parameters to be ascertained more reliably, so a variety of material characteristics can all be investigated with the same device.

The FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 and HM2000 S are high-precision measurement systems for determining indentation hardness, modulus of indentation, Martens hardness (HM), elastic characteristics and other material parameters. Due to a fundamental re-engineering of the measuring head, the devices are now less sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and the resolution for determining displacement and force vectors has been considerably increased. For the user this means significantly greater reliability in terms of quality assurance. For example, even long-term measurements taken over several hours to determine e.g. creep behaviour can now be done with precision.

Designed for simple sample geometries, the compact HM2000 S is FISCHER’s entry-level model in the microhardness series. Effortless manual positioning of the sample on the firmly-affixed tripod ensures quick measurements without extensive preparation. A newly-developed sample holder also easily accommodates cylindrical specimens ranging in diameter from 2-65 mm.

The HM2000 is the more powerful instrument in the microhardness series. The programmable XY-stage and motorised Z-axis allow semi-automated measurements on multiple samples with high throughput and very straightforward handling. An integrated microscope with three different magnification settings makes the HM2000 ideal for performing challenging measurement tasks with difficult positioning.

Knowledge, expertise, experience – based on these principles, FISCHER has been developing innovative measuring technology for coating thickness, materials analysis, microhardness and material testing since 1953. Gauges from FISCHER are now used the world over – wherever accuracy, precision and reliability are required.

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