Calibration Standards for FISCHERSCOPE®
  X-RAY Fluorescence Measuring Systems (XRF)

Calibration Standards for FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY Measuring Systems (XRF)

Calibration standards (often also described as reference normals, standards or reference material) are necessary in order to trace the measurement results on accredited material measures of the units mass and length.

We will be happy to help you in choosing suitable calibration standards for your measurement tasks!

The traceability of FISCHER calibration standards works according to the following principle.

  • We comply with the accreditation procedure of the German accreditation service  („Deutscher Akkreditierungsservice: DKD/DAkkS“) , please see our accreditation document. This procedure is applicable for many pure-element-coatings.  Our own DKD/DAkkS-calibration lab secures  the traceability on internationally accredited material measures. Since July 2003, the Helmut Fischer GmbH has, as the first company in Germany, a calibration lab for the measurement quantity ”mass per unit area” certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. This certification entitles Fischer to issue DKD/DAKKS calibration certificates for mass per unit area calibration standards that are used to calibrate X-ray fluorescence instruments for coating thickness measurement.
  • For comparing measurements with calibration standards, which are quantified with the accreditation method and/or with other methods. The reference for the chosen calibration standards, their nominal values  and measurement uncertainties, are documented in the  Traceability Reports. The calibration standard’s Calibration Certificate  explicitly refers to this. Therefore each person, that uses a FISCHER calibration standard, will know on which material measures the standards are traceable.


More information:

All FISCHERSCOPE® XRF measuring systems perform precise measurement results, even without calibration, due to the integrated fundamental parameter method. If the traceability of measurement results is required, then calibration standards of FISCHER are the right choice.